Lose fat, build muscle & reverse lifestyle diseases naturally

By following a natural & traditional lifestyle with Indian food, home exercises & lifestyle changes

Lose weight upto 3 kg in 1 month, 10 kg in 3 months, 15 kg in 6 months, 20-25 kg in 1 year
Burn fat from all problem areas - belly, arm, thigh fat!
Build muscle mass, strength and a high level of fitness
Reverse lifestyle diseases - PCOD / PCOS, thyroid, diabetes, blood pressure naturally from the root cause
Boost immunity and prevent all health conditions
Improve energy levels naturally without reliance on tea / coffee or stimulants
Look your youthful best without cosmetics - get excellent hair, skin, high bone density and reverse biomarkers of ageing!
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Are you tired of dieting, calorie counting, restricting carbs, going to gyms, taking supplements, green tea, black coffee, oats, cornflakes, peanut butter and other tasteless chemical filled processed / packaged food which are marketed as healthy?

These methods don't give sustainable results and make your health conditions worse!

Fitgalaxy helps you to become fit & healthy by following a natural & traditional lifestyle

Eat natural & traditional foods, not fancy diets

  • Eat natural and traditional Indian food like aloo paratha, idli, dosa, pongal, sambar, rasam, ghee, cold pressed organic oils, spices, roti, dal, chana, all vegetables / sabzis, all fruits like mangoes, bananas, jamuns, milk, curd and if you're non veg - whole eggs, chicken curry, mutton curry, fish fry etc.
  • No packaged / processed food, supplements or fancy diets like brown bread, peanut butter, whey protein, green tea, black coffee, low carb, keto etc

Exercise regularly at home or outdoors, not in a gym

  • We focus on exercises which can be done at home or outdoors in natural ventilation and sunlight. No equipment or gym required
  • For example: push ups, walking lunges, squats, plank on hands, point to point running, mountain climbers, burpees, yoga, all sports like badminton, football, walking / running etc.

Get high quality sleep & wake up without alarm!

  • Sleep before 10:00 pm for full 8 hours
  • Minimise artificial lights & screen time after sunset
  • Don't have tea / coffee in evening or night time
  • Eat dinner 2-3 hours before sleeping
  • Sleep in complete darkness
  • Wake up naturally without an alarm!

Improve sunlight exposure & natural ventilation outdoors

  • Get a minimum of 1 hour of sunlight everyday
  • Stay outdoor more throughout the day
  • Walk, run, exercise or play a sport outdoors in sunlight and natural ventilation.
  • Wear cotton or natural fibre clothes
  • Avoid sunscreen / skincare products

Be highly motivated

  • Remain motivated and take action towards your goals without getting stressed!
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How our health plan works

Your personal nutritionist & fitness coach

Your personal nutritionist & fitness coach (2 coaches) will guide you in a customised way to achieve your health & fitness goals

Customised nutrition plan with natural & traditional Indian food

Your nutritionist will make a customised nutrition plan based on only natural & traditional Indian food which is tasty like aloo paratha, idli, dosa, spices, ghee!

Customised exercise plan without any equipment required

Your fitness coach will make a customised exercise plan HD exercise videos according to your fitness level without any equipment!

Live online & interactive workout sessions everyday

You join live online group workout sessions on Yoga, HIIT, Strength & Conditioning everyday on Zoom. Our coaches interact with you personally during the workouts ensuring that you are learning & doing exercises correctly!

Weekly phone calls & unlimited whatsapp chat

Your coaches will call you every week over phone calls and be available for unlimited whatsapp chat. Your plans are updated regularly according to your progress on Fitgalaxy app & website!

Personalised guidance for a healthy lifestyle. Based on sleep, sunlight & motivation

Your coaches will help you build a personalised daily health routine focused on sleep, sunlight and motivation to achieve sustainable health and fitness!
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Start your fitness journey by selecting your plan at special prices for New Year 2023!!

Fitgalaxy health plan - 3 months membership
INR 5999
INR 3999

Perfect plan for starters

Kickstart your fitness journey with our 3 months plan

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Start your fitness journey with expert guidance
Lose upto 10 kg in 3 months
Start reversing lifestyle diseases - PCOD / PCOS, Diabetes, Thyroid, Blood Pressure
Boost immunity & energy level
Fitgalaxy health plan - 6 months membership
INR 9999
INR 5500

Transform yourself

Achieve a complete transformation by losing fat, building muscle and reversing lifestyle diseases!

Proceed to Pay
Take your health and fitness to the next level
Lose upto 15 kg in 6 months. Become athletic and build lean muscle mass.
Reverse - PCOD / PCOS, Diabetes, Thyroid, Blood Pressure
Supercharge your immunity & health parameters
Fitgalaxy health plan - 12 months membership
INR 19999
INR 9500

Be your fittest & healthiest self

Achieve sustainable health and fitness the natural way with no shortcuts.

Proceed to Pay
Achieve sustainable health and fitness
Lose upto 20-25 kg. Achieve your ideal bodyweight & bodyfat percentage
Reverse & prevent lifestyle diseases: PCOD / PCOS, Diabetes, Thyroid, BP
Build strength, immunity, endurance, muscle mass and a fit & athletic physique the natural way

Perfect Plan for Starters.

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Perfect Plan for Starters.

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Join more than 250,000 people in being fit & healthy with Fitgalaxy!

Mauli Bakshi

Mauli got fit, lost 13 kg weight and reversed her Thyroid naturally with Fitgalaxy!

Namrata Gadoo

Our client Namrata lost 10 kg and improved her fitness levels in 3 months

Rani Ammu

Our client Rani lost 13 kg in 3 months with Fitgalaxy!

Sofia Khan

Our client Sofia transformed herself and lost 6 kg weight & inches

Preksha Bhandawat

After trying many diets & workouts unsuccessfully, Preksha lost 10 kg in 3 months with Fitgalaxy

Ashmita Singh

Lost 8 kg and improved PCOD without medications!

Bhupendra Panchal

Bhupendra became sustainably fit and lost 18 kg in just 3 months with Fitgalaxy

Kapish Jain

Our client Kapish went from unfit to fit, losing 11 kg and building muscle in 3 months!

Himani Saini

Himani lost 14 kg in 4 months and became sustainably fit & healthy with Fitgalaxy

Start Fitgalaxy Health Plan

You get personalised guidance by our team of nutritionists, fitness coaches and yoga instructors

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We are trusted by top doctors and athletes!

Dr Raman Puri

Senior Interventional Cardiologist - IP Apollo Hospital, New Delhi

Jwala Gutta

Indian Badminton team, Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist and Arjuna Award winner

Dr Vishal Gaur

Senior Orthopedic Doctor, Founder of Sampoorna Health and Recipient of Jyoti Rao Phule award for outstanding work in healthcare
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Frequently asked questions

How much weight loss / fat loss can I achieve?
Can I reverse PCOD / PCOS, thyroid, diabetes, cholesterol, hypertension, blood pressure issues naturally? How?
How much weight gain / muscle gain can I achieve?
Will I definitely get results? How?
Do you hold the plan if I have to travel or get busy with something?
If I dont see any results do you give refund?
Can I select my coaches or ask for a change in coaches during the plan?
Apart from the plan, do I need to buy anything extra to follow the plan fully? Any packaged / processed food or special atta etc?
Is exercise important?
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Rajat Sawhney

Co-Founder, Fitgalaxy

I'm passionate about getting back to a traditional lifestyle and using simple Indian food (no supplements, processed or packaged food), exercises that can be performed anywhere, sleep, sunlight and motivation to help people become sustainably fit and healthy! My extensive research of over 10 years on health and fitness is focused on fat loss, achieving a high level of fitness and preventing and reversing all lifestyle diseases naturally. I also love various sports & activities including badminton, guitar, golf, cricket, karate and football

Education: Masters in Management - London Business School, M.Sc. Economics & B.E. Computer Science - BITS Pilani Goa Campus, International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) Certified Fitness Coach and Nutritionist, Black belt dan 1 in Budokan Karate. Experience of over 10 years in consulting, research and health & fitness at PwC, Deloitte and Fitgalaxy!

Esha Sawhney

Co-Founder, Fitgalaxy

I love reading on nutrition and am a big propagator of locally and seasonally available foods. I'm passionate about researching various health problems as conventional medicines only suppress symptoms but do not find a cure to the root cause of the problem. I strongly believe that making lifestyle changes is the only way to address many health issues we face today

Education: MBA - LBSIM (Gold medal), B.Com Hons - DU; Experience of 8 years in research and health & fitness @ AC Neilsen, TNS, Fitgalaxy

Mohit Kumar

Fitness Coach

Hi, I am professional fitness coach, I am providing fitness training by latest technologies as well as strength training for teens and also for adults. I am very passionate about my profession. My specialities include - Strong Interpersonal Communication Skills, Excellent Leadership Skills, Powerful Exercise Techniques, Knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology, Excellent Teaching Skills, Knowledge of Muscle sciences, Knowlege of CPR & AED

I have multiple top fitness certifications including K11 academy of fitness sciences (India), Fitness Innovation of Thailand (Thailand), America Council on Exercise (USA), CPR and AED from Red Cross Society (India)

Mamta Sharma


I help my clients get fit & healthy with a holistic lifestyle comprising of diet, exercise and sleep. Apart from this motivation is a key aspect of my guidance. To become healthy we have to eat natural foods. As we all know that health is wealth so don't waste your wealth by using packaged and processed foods to worsen your health.

I hold a Post Graduate Diploma in Dietetics and Public Health Nutrition from Lady Irwin College, Delhi University and a B.Sc. in Home Science (Food and Nutrition) from Institute Of Home Economics, Delhi University. I have also trained at Safdarjung hospital and Indraprastha Apollo Hospital in New Delhi. Apart from hospital experience I did more than 10 health camps on nutrition awareness in corporate sector in leading corporates including L&T, SBI.